Our Pricing

Why are our Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds puppies priced the way they are? Why are certain litters or certain puppies priced higher than others? Why do some others have less expensive Australian Shepherds than we do?

Each puppy is an individual and is priced according to several factors including: size, bloodline/pedigree, sex, color, markings and temperament.

Merles:  Range anywhere from $1,500.00 - $3,000.00. Typically most will be priced around $2,000.00 - $2,500.00

Tri colored: Range anywhere from $1,000.00 - $2,500.00 most close to the $1,500.00 mark.

The price for each puppy is listed on their litter/puppy page.  We generally will not list prices until the puppy is at least 4 weeks old and may alter their initial price as they develop and grow if they have not been placed on deposit yet. If a price has been established and a puppy has been placed on deposit at that agreed upon price the price will not change and it will be specified in the contract at the time the deposit is placed.

Despite common perception, breeding dogs is an expensive and time consuming job if proper care is provided to the parents and the puppies. Although you may find breeders who offer their puppies at lower prices, that lower price likely comes at the cost of less than adequate care of the dogs. For example, puppy mills may have great prices, but the environment, and the care that the dogs receive is absolutely horrific.

Healthy adults produce healthy puppies, and our Aussies are provided excellent top-notch care. They are kept on a diet of high-quality food which is essential to their health. In addition they are kept on a monthly heartworm, flea and tick preventative and are regularly groomed so they can look and feel their best. They receive regular visits to the vet for their head to paw exams. All of our adults are genetically health-tested to ensure that they do not have any genetic defects that may be passed to their puppies.

Our puppies are given high-quality puppy food with nutrients essential to their health and growth. They are regularly bathed and groomed which includes nail trimming and ear cleaning. Like the parents, we want to ensure our puppies are parasite free and stay that way so we begin regular deworming at 2 weeks on that continues on a bi-weekly basis; they are also started on heartworm and flea preventative before they leave for their forever home. Each Puppy is given age-appropriate vaccinations to help ensure their health before leaving for their new homes. Health records are provided which includes documentation of their examination by a licensed veterinarian. Each puppy is also micro-chipped to ensure that if they are ever lost, they can find their way back home safely via a nationally recognized database that links a micro-chipped dog with its owner. Because our puppies are all pure bred, they all come registered with the American Stock Dog Registry (ASDR). Upon transition to a puppy's forever home, you will be provided with a puppy starter kit to help ensure a smooth transition to his/her new environment. Last but certainly not least, is a lifetime of breeder support for your new best friend. Our puppies are raised underfoot, loved on daily by our family including our 3 young children who are intrinsic to our puppy socialization. Puppies are also started on age appropriate training and given neurological stimulation. We pledge our support with any questions or assistance you may need in the future regarding your puppy which is backed by our 2 year genetic health guarantee and contract. We aim to provide you with a worry-free addition to your family that will provide joy for years to come without the fear of hidden health issues, uncertain backgrounds, or inadequate care.

Yes, there are other breeders out there who may have lower prices, and though there are always exceptions to the rule, it is good to remember that the saying "you get what you pay for" is often true. I, as well as my family, invest A LOT of time and resources into raising quality Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds you will find this to be reflected in all of our puppies.

Breeding Rights

Our prices below do not include full breeding rights as by default we place our puppies on a spay/neuter contract. However, if you are interested in full breeding rights for a particular puppy I will be happy to discuss this option with you, please bear in mind that I am very selective when it comes to which puppies I will approve as breed/show quality, I am extremely selective about the program/ home that a puppy goes to if being placed with full breeding rights. I want to ensure that as a breeder you and I share similar values of breeding responsibly and ethically and for the purpose of bettering the breed. Breeding rights are an additional fee..

Repeat Customers

We do offer a discount for repeat customers so be sure to inquire about that if interested.

Payment Methods

We accept payment through several payment apps including PayPal and Zelle as well as payment through credit card and cash. Please contact me for more information or questions.


If you are interested in one of our available puppies or interested in getting on the waiting list for an upcoming litter please contact me. The deposit for a specific puppy that is currently available is $350.00 for tris and $500.00 for merles. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once the specific puppy has been placed on deposit and the deposit has been received we will change the status on our puppy page to reflect this. The money paid as a deposit is applied to the total cost of the puppy.