When you purchase a puppy from Wellington Ranch Mini and Toy Aussies you are not just "buying a dog" but are adding a lifetime companion to your home. We understand that more than anyone else which is why we prioritize raising well socialized, well loved and intelligent Mini and Toy Aussies. We spare no expense in the care of our adults and are puppies. We breed for temperament and health above and beyond all else while also prioritizing the importance of adhering to and striving for absolute correctness in breed standard. We are proud to have many champions and/or champion sired mini and toy Aussies in our breeding program and look forward to more achievements from our pack .

We feed high quality food to our puppies and our adults and ensure they are getting the nutrition they need through additional vitamins and supplements, we provide an abundance of opportunity for play and exercise as well as socializing with 2 legged and 4 legged friends alike. We also preform genetic health testing on all of our breeding age adults and keep both puppies and adults current on vet exams, vaccinations, heartworm checks and preventative, as well as flea, tick, and parasite preventative. We provide a comfortable and safe area for our adults when they are not inside our home. All of our dog runs are oversized and contain fun play equipment for practicing and showing off their agility moves, a baby pool to splash in, a dog igloo for their own private hide out and automatic dog waterers and misting systems so they feel pampered at all times. Our puppies are handled daily basically from birth. Each puppy is sent to their new home with what they need for a smooth transition including our puppy starter kit, all of their important information and lifetime (virtually) on-call breeder support from us. Buying a Mini or Toy Aussie from us is perhaps one of the best decisions you will ever make for you and/or your family.